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HERO Book One Softcover Edition

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HERO Book One from Misfit Corner Comics
Written by Andrew and Michael Charipar and Illustrated by Andrew Charipar
HERO is the story of a small woodland creature who when he was born it was foretold that "he will be The Greatest Hero our world has ever know"... So his mother named him HERO.
The first book in a series of kid-friendly original graphic novels follows HERO and his best friend Pudge as they set out to find adventure and the real meaning of being a hero.
The main story is 150 pages with a 4 page epilogue and an 8 page backup story. Book One also includes over 20 pages of pinups and bonus features.
The book is printed in black and white and gray in the larger than normal comic size 7.44 x 9.68 format.
All copies come signed by the artist.